Luggage tags to get your lost suitcase back

You are waiting after your flight at the baggage claim on your suitcase. After waiting a long time, you find out that your suitcase has been lost. You lost your valuable stuff! What now? How do you get your suitcase with the valuable stuff back?

We have the solution for you! The Smart Labels from Tagonce. Wondering how it works? Watch the video below.

How does it work?

Step 1: Download the free app

Step 2: Attach the smart labels

Step 3: Scan the smart tag and follow the instructions

Now you can travel with confidence!

Order your Smart Label!

28915 travelers already use a Tagonce luggage tag

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Choose luggage tag that suits you

Tagonce offers several tags for your purse, backpack, briefcase or keys. All of them are solid and simple tags that you will never let you down. See all tags in our shop.




In these situations, the travel labels come in handy

Travel: At the luggage belt you find out that your suitcase is lost.

On the way: you have to hurry to get your train. And then you realize that you has left your bag somewhere …

During work and leisure: forget your laptop case in the restaurant or in the bus. Or you forget your sports bag in the dressing room after an game …

Whatever you lose, Tagonce will get you back what you love!

Tagonce te gebruiken voor

7 major advantages of Tagonce luggage tags

✔ Direct contact with the finder
✔ Works without battery
✔ Travels with you
✔ Respects your privacy
✔ No messing around with pen and paper
✔ Customize your data anytime and anywhere
✔ No commitment

That sounds like a big investment, you would say.

You will be surprised, but you have your own Tagonce label + smartphone app for a one-off € 9.95 all-in.

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Users about the Tagonce luggage tags

They rely on us

Belma Korjenic – 25

In advance, I did not know if a fair finder would bring back my lost items. Until I lost my sports bag a month ago. A few hours later, via the Tagonce app, I received a message where it was found and a message to contact the finder. Thanks to Tagonce, I quickly got my sports bag back.

Jan Nijland
Jan Nijland – 50
Last summer, I lost my suitcase at the airport in Portugal. Since then, I know how important a luggage tag is. The Tagonce travel labels are easy to use. In the free app, I can easily manage my privacy settings.
Koen van der velden

Koen van der Velden – 23

I like to arrange preventative matters. In the beginning, I doubted that this would work well for € 9.95. But against all expectations, it works super simple and fast. In the meanwhile, I’ve suited all of my valuable stuff with a tag so that once I lose something – which overcomes me often – the finder can easily contact me

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any costs associated with the app?

No, the app is completely free and can also be used without a tag.

Do I need to subscribe to my account?

No, you only have to buy a smart label once (or more, if you want). You can use our services without further costs.

Is there personal information on the label?

You can determine exactly what information is shown. And you can adjust it at any time. You can also decide not to show personal information. The finder of your stuff can leave a message for you that you will receive as a push notification on your phone.

Can anyone scan such a code?

Each smartphone can scan a QR code via an app. You do not even need the Tagonce app for that.

So the finder does not have to download anything?

Exactly, he or she only needs to scan the qr-code and to have an internet connection.

Why not use a paper label?

Because with a paper label you do not get a message when your suitcase is found, you can often use it once, it is not robust and water resistant and your data is always visible. With our label you always decide what the finder sees.

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